It’s December here, which means, of course, that it’s a full contact Of haunted house season. One of the most famous activities to do at this season of the year is to visit the nearby haunted house. I know this is scary but not all haunted places are created equally. You don’t have to spend money on places that only have limp horror music playing, few dark passways and a fake actor who is jumping out of a corner and screaming their lungs out at you to make you scared.

So, if you are thinking to try something new with your travel plan then scroll through to have a list of the most terrifying and best-haunted houses in the US. Browse at your own risk…!!

List of full contact of haunted houses

Blood Manor (New York)

If you want to experience haunted houses rides then check out the Blood Manor in New York. It is located in the Manhattan and is spread in the 5000 sq.ft. It has labyrinths, corridors and themed rooms that gives you an experience of full contact of the haunted house. Some of its attractions are: “Maggot Invasion”, they will get under your skin and “The Crypt”, it is a place where no one rests in a peace. If it’s not dreadful for you then there is “Light out” nights, where you can experience the blood manor with just the light of match stick or in the minimal light.

Blood Manor

Pennhurst Asylum (Pennsylvania)

In the 1980s, the Pennhurst was canopied for good and an actual operating asylum that claims between physical abuse and inhumane treatment. Nowadays it is said to be haunted because of the inmates who suffered there. The vast haunted experience has four different parts: “Containment”, it a 1200 wide footpath that is below the complex filled with human experiments; the “Pennhurst Asylum”, it is walk through to the old administrative buildings of the hospital; “The Morgue”, a terrify walk through the asylum’s full-service mortuary; and the “Mayflower After Dark,” it a self-guided tour by one of the most haunted buildings on the campus of asylum.

Terror behind the walls (Philadelphia)

Terror behind the walls is an extreme haunted house of the USA. It is created at the now-defunct Eastern State Penitentiary which is 11-acre prison. There is a believing that the Eastern State is haunted the souls of the prisoners who were captivated there. This makes the experience the more horrible. Here, the new attraction added that is “Blood Yard”. It allows you to lose one of the prisoners of your choice: Hunt or be hunted.

Terror Behind The Walls

Nightmare New Orleans (Louisiana)

It is the most renowned scarehouse in Louisiana. When we talk about the house of shock, the first name comes in the mind that is Nola haunted house, unexpectedly announced that it was closing its door, most of the horror lovers were daunted. Fortunately, the new haunted that cut in its bringing the same level of scariness even if Satan is no longer besmeared.


Fear Overload Scream Park (California)

It is the most interactive haunted house as it has two unique dreadful haunted houses i.e. The Grimm Fairytale Killer and The Insanitarium. In the Grimm Fairytale Killer house, the visitors find themselves in the mad murderer’s house who continuously attacks his the same mansion as the villains of the Grimm fairytale. And the Insanitarium gives the experience like fictional San Leandro Asylum to its visitors. Here the visitors are only allowed a flashlight to experience the pitch blackness.

Scream Park

McKamey Manor (California)

It is considered to be the full contact of the haunted house that is described as one of the most haunted attractions in the world. Also, it is described as sadistic, irresponsible and dangerous, and no doubt that like McKamey Manor there is any other haunted house there. In this house, the participants get kidnapped and taken in the mansion for 8 hours tour, in that they are treated with the violent treatment by the hands of their volunteer actors. This house is running for many years and from now no one has made its complete tour.

House of torment (Texas)

House of torment is spread over 40000 sq.ft. the area that keeps up its truly horrible haunted house attractions. In 2018, they introduced three brand-new haunted houses and Halloween escape rooms. These are named as Trick or Treat, Darkest Dreams and the Blackthorne Penitentiary.

Netherworld (Georgia)

Since 1997, Netherworld is known for the business. Throughout the year it is adding new terrifying elements. It is also a self-guided tour which is described as a “multi-attraction, multi-story event”. Here visitors gain the experience of nightmarish creatures, monsters, and horrible scenes. In particular, Netherworld has been praised for its amazing costumes and makeups, special quality horror effects and attention to detail. Here the parts of Zombieland filmed and also most of the crew members of The Walking Dead work here.


13th Gate (Louisiana)

It is known as the country’s one of the top haunted attractions. It is situated in 40000 sq.ft area in the Baton Rouge. This haunted house is made in a Louisiana-style that has a nightly voodoo shows, passages with hidden subterranean, and a real snake-infested swamp and even a prehistoric ice cave. 13th Gate is praised itself on its world-class costume design, hyper-realistic special effects.

Horseman’s Hollow (New York)

As you have already heard about the horrible “Legend of sleepy hollow”. So, this haunted house gives you live off it. Washington Irving was traveling to both towns and the Headless Horseman set the tale. In the historic Philipsburg Manor, the set is transmuted into a living nightmare as the visitors make their way down a trail that is haunted. It is filled with the townsfolk driven by the Horseman. The next is Ichabod’s schoolhouse, it’s a twisted puzzle of horrors that is too horrible to describe. The last step of this house is the den of the horseman. Its award-winning costume designers and makeup artists and the special high-quality effects make it really terrifying.

Horseman’s Hollow

Besides these places, there are many more haunted houses that makes you scared. So, get ready to fill your holidays with more adventure and excitement by visiting these horrible places once!!