If you believe that there is a world of spirits afterlife then you may know when and how to use an Ouija board safely. It can be a valuable tool to communicate with the world of spirits that is far beyond the real world.

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Although, it is important for those who are familiar with spirit contact and Ouija boards recommend some precautions to be taken. With the help few easy precautions, you came to know how to properly use an Ouija board without disquietness about enchaining rogue spirits or the spirits who are less friendly.

What actually an Ouija board?

There is a question in everybody’s mind that are Ouija boards real? For the answer to this question, first, we need to understand about Ouija board.

Ouija board is also known as a Spirit board, since ancient times. About 1000 years ago, in China, it was used for automatic writing. This tool is a board with yes/no words and letters. For communication, a pointer has used that sliding on the letters for helping you to form sentences and words. People like to use this board to connect with spiritual entities.

Real Ouija Board

Things you need when using Ouija board first time

If you want to know how to use an Ouija board for the first time then below are the things listed that needed when you are using an ouija board.

– An Ouija board

– White candles

– A spellcasting or pentacle tools

– Friends

Ouija Board Candles

Rules of Ouija board

As we know that the Ouija board is a powerful tool. It means you have to handle this tool in the same way as driving a car. Sometimes, you shouldn’t or wouldn’t drive around swiftly without giving any suggestions on what happening around you. You must do the same exercise that same caution while using a spirit board. Listed below are some Ouija board rules to follow and by applying these rules anyone can easily learn how to use an Ouija board safely.

Rule 1: Defend yourself physically

This is one of the important rules of the Ouija board. If you are taking it gravely then always ground yourself before the use of the board. You have to sit in the position of meditation and be sure that you are present. Keep yourself surrounding with the holy spirit light. It will ensure that you are protected from any kind of negative energy. Whenever you experience any kind of negative entity at any moment then end the use of the Ouija board at once.

Rule 2: Be genteel of the dead

If you really want serious answers from the defunct then you must be genteel towards their energy and time. Keep in mind that they don’t have time to talk to you instead they take out their time and day to engage with you. So, talk to them and ask whatever you want to ask but with respect.

Rule 3: Remember, to say goodbye

It is the most crucial part of the Ouija board as you are unable to see the entity in front of you. It can be simple to call a spirit for a day and after it just pack up the board. But, it is always good to say goodbye, it shows that you put a full stop on everything. Some spirits are quite mischievous and if you don’t say them goodbye they stay with you for the longer than they should.

Good Bye

Rule 4: Avoid using it at home

Avoid using Ouija board at home because of negative energy. Your home is your personal asset and you don’t want anyone’s interference in it, but when you use it at home then there is a possibility that they can stay at your home. So, avoid the use of board there and keep it peaceful and calm.

Rule 5: Don’t use it by yourself

Always remember that don’t use the board alone by yourself. It is recommended to use it with a group. For the safety purpose, the more positive energy you have the better session will go.

How to use an Ouija board safely

Here are some of Ouija board rules do’s and don’ts

Do’s of Ouija board

  • Darken the room and enlighten candles to lure the spirits to visit.
  • Always avoid distractions like mobile phones, televisions, etc. Keep switch off them.
  • If possible, keep the board balance upon your knees.
  • Warm up the board by figuring eight patterns and moving the planchette
  • Always be specific about, to whom you wish to communicate.
  • Be amicable to your spirit, however, it is better to ask them to leave if they are rude to you, but be polite.
  • Write down the messages letter by letter. Remember that the spirits use slang, misspell or even text speak.

Don’ts of Ouija board

  • Avoid using the Ouija board by own. It is best to take advice or help from someone who can assist you.
  • Be sure that you don’t confuse spirits by asking lots of questions. Give responsibility for asking a question to only one person in the room.
  • Don’t ask silly and secret questions or questions like you don’t want to answer like “When I am going to die?” Seriously, you don’t get answers to such type of questions.
  • Also, don’t ask the questions that you already know like “What is my name?” It’s a real session, not a pop quiz!
  • Don’t permit the spirits to control the session as you want answers, not a lecture.
  • Avoid accepting all communications, discern all given information. Just accept only those things that you feel accurate for you.
  • Don’t get upset if your seance is a bust because sometimes spirits don’t want to talk.

How to get rid of Ouija board

If you want to know how to get rid of the Ouija board or want to end the connections with the spirits then you do the following:

  • Tell the spirit that you don’t want to speak with it, but if it refuses then force the planchette to “Goodbye” yourself and remove it from the board.
  • This process breaks the connection and the Ouija board should be closed. 
  • Wrapping the planchette in cloth, separate from the board, then keep both together in a safe place.
  • Keep in mind never burn it.
  • If you permanently want to get rid of the Ouija board then bury it in the ground. Then, put some holy water on the ground.
Ouija Board Game


The Ouija board is NOT a toy! It may be dangerous because sometimes it allows spirits out into your home! And Sometimes bad spirits! So, I humbly suggest that “USE IT ON YOUR RISK” Always get study about how to use an Ouija board safely before using it.